Zion Kuwonu , the only Canadian member of Pretty much became my student after SONY U.S. called me up and asked if I would take him on. Genuine, quiet and smart Zion also proved to be an amazing singer. Simon Cowel's next big music phenomenon is set to take over the position that One direction had in so many young hearts

Mitch Mainville has been studying with me for over a year and has a gritty, genuine delivery that matches any Rock or Blues song he handles.

Honest compelling writing matched with a charm and smoke infused vocal delivery makes Mitch a likely candidate for success. Here's his video for his original 10 Years too early.

Tribe Royal has studied with me off and on for several years. They have a strong "Beatlesque" vibe with stacked harmonies and an uncomplicated delivery.

They've just completed an East coast tour promoting their second album release "Colors of the sun" and are currently working on more videos. Here is their first video for their original If only you knew.

Megan Landry is an extremely talented singer songwriter who is also an exceptional videographer and fine artist.

Megan studied with me for 3 years and has launched her own video production company.

Her honest social commentary and haunting vocals combine to make her an internet darling. Here is her video for her original song "Wallpaper" .

Maurice Moore has studied with me off and on for several years. He has recently been signed to a label and held out to get a deal that retains his independence as an artist.

Maurice is an internet darling and has a raw, emotionally honest, melodic delivery that has garnered him many loyal fans. Here is his video for "The loudest silence"

Amanda Jordan Has studied with me off and on for 4 years now. With super model looks and a beautiful, melodic, smooth tone she is destined for great things. Currently enrolled in the singer/songwriter program at Carleton U Amanda is working towards being signed. This video is of her performance at the Miss Teenage Canada contest in 2015. Her song "Carry you" was written in support of soldiers suffering from PTSD.